If you present at our conference, we welcome you to submit to one of our associated journals.

Associated Journals

Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines (QRBD)

 The Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines is a quarterly publication of the International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD); a worldwide, non-profit organization established to foster and promote education in all of the functional and support disciplines of business. The objectives of QRBD and IABD are to stimulate learning and understanding and to exchange information, ideas, and research studies from around the world. The Academy provides a unique global forum for professionals and faculty in business, communications, and other social science fields to discuss and publish papers of common interest that overlap career, political, and national boundaries. QRBD and IABD create an environment to advance learning, teaching, and research, and the practice of all functional areas of business. Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines is published to promote cutting edge research in all of the functional areas of business. 

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR)

 The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR) encourages and supports scholarly work that focuses on research, interesting applications, and real-world phenomena that examine the nature of the interdisciplinary practice. The Journal interrogates the connections between disciplinary practices and fosters dialogue between the disciplines. 

 The editors of The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research welcome interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary work that includes qualitative, quantitative and triangulation of methodologies. Conceptual and theoretical-based papers that integrate across disciplines are especially welcome. The editors are committed to a fully peer-reviewed scholarly journal. All submitted articles will be reviewed based on the following criteria: importance and timeliness of subject matter, a clear statement of relevance to interdisciplinary research, insightfulness, and craft of the study, advancement or development of the theoretical process, and/or the development of new theory. 

Journal of International Business Disciplines (JIBD)

 Journal of International Business Disciplines encourages and supports scholarly works that focus on theories, research, and applications regarding topics related to business and organizations including but not limited to: accounting, advertising, communication, economics, diversity, globalization, groups, teams, finance, human resources, information technology, leadership, management, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior/theory. The editors of Journal of International Business Disciplines welcome quantitative, qualitative, theoretical-based, and conceptual papers. The editors are committed to blind and fair review of all  submitted articles based on the following criteria: importance and timeliness of the issue, clarity of purpose, compatibility of the purpose and the design of the study, soundness of the methodology, and readability and flow of the materials. Journal of International Business Disciplines encourages its reviewers to provide professional, constructive and timely feedback to the author (s) for continuous improvement in their current and future scholarly works.  

Journal of Competitiveness Studies

 The Journal of Competitiveness Studies is an interdisciplinary blind peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the competitive positioning of firms in the global marketing and on national competitiveness in a changing global business environment. In its attempt to provide a fine balance between theory and practice, the journal combines conceptual analysis and normative considerations in order to shape the discourse on competitiveness in the scholarly and policy circles.

As global economic performance and growth have witnessed a shift toward emerging economies and toward further involvement of MNCs in sunrise industries, the area of competitiveness studies offers opportunities for scholars, practitioners, and policy makers to thoughtfully reflect on challenges that business organizations and societies face to achieve sustainable growth and optimally meet the expectations of active and demanding segments of world’s population. The Journal of Competitiveness Studies seeks high quality work that explores avenues on how to compete effectively and or revive organizations and industries within and across nations to cope with rising expectations of stakeholders.

Articles in the Journal of Competitiveness Studies will deal with pressing questions of competitiveness that are of interest to scholars and practitioners. They will cover a broad range of subjects, not only organizational performance and economic growth but also sociological and historical aspects. Contributors with interdisciplinary perspectives and those who have interest in international competitiveness are encouraged to send their thoughtful contributions.

Competition Forum

Competition Forum (CF) is a leading scholarly outlet focusing on business competition in the global marketplace. It provides a forum for understanding the nature of competition, global interdependence and connectivity, and the essence of competing on a global scale. In addition, CF presents original articles on a wide range of subjects related to business conduct and operations within and across nations. Both empirical and conceptual papers are welcome. Papers written by emerging scholars are encouraged. All papers submitted should be original and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts are subject to double-blind peer review.

Primarily, CF focuses on broadening the understanding of the nature of the marketplace in a globalized economy where complex actors respond simultaneously and instantaneously to market signals, thereby widening the arena of competition without limiting organizational goals to mere simple profit. That is, business organizations should purposefully engage in activities which ultimately optimize their long- term achievements and strengthen their capacity for renewal and growth. Accordingly, CF seeks to enhance firms’ abilities to sustain their market long-term vitality, while effectively serving their stakeholders.

The Competition Forum observes ethical conduct. It is expected that editors, reviewers, and authors be committed to a high standard of scholarly writing that meets ethical requirements. Our commitment to ethics in publication is primarily based on the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

The Journal of Promotion Management

The Journal of Promotion Management is a peer-reviewed publication committed to publishing scholarly research findings that have a high impact on the field of promotion management. The journal aims to keep you up-to-date by publishing cutting edge research papers that close the gap between future business needs and current business practices. We are actively encouraging global contributions from scholars across the broad domain of marketing, communication, management and innovation among others. We welcome novel and ground-breaking contributions concerning all aspects of promotion management.  

The Journal of Promotion Management is an essential resource for professionals, educators, and students. Each issue of the journal includes conceptual as well as empirical research papers providing the reader with concerns and perspectives on emerging business trends and practices. Articles will provide the kind of information that will help you in practice or provide a foundation for future research or class discussions.