IABD Mission and Objectives

The International Academy of Business Disciplines (formerly the International Academy of Management and Marketing) is a worldwide, non-profit organization established to foster and promote education in all of the functional and support disciplines of business. The objectives of IABD are to stimulate learning and understanding and to exchange information, ideas, and research results from around the world.

In addition, the Academy seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and to increase individual awareness of business problems and opportunities in the international marketplace.

Furthermore, we hope to create an environment where the learning, teaching,research, and practice of management, marketing, and other business disciplines can be advanced. The paramount focus is on extending knowledge in these areas so that creativity and practical application can be enhanced.

Membership in the organization is open to scholars, practitioners, public policy makers, and concerned citizens who are interested in advancing knowledge in the various business disciplines and related fields.

IABD Conference in Austin, TX.

Everything you want to know and more about the conference is on the conference page: dates, hotel, submit manuscripts, tracks...

If you are ready to submit your paper/abstract, you can do it here.

New deadline: February 14th

At the International Academy of Business Disciplines

  1. You will meet, interact, and network with highly published scholars and successful business practitioners from around the world. 
  2. You will attend research presentations, panels, and developmental sessions in an engaged and professional atmosphere. 
  3. You can submit your work to one of 33 unique tracks spanning numerous disciplines. 
  4. All submitted conference papers (the abstracts) that are presented are invited to be published in the 2020 IABD Conference Proceedings. 
  5. You will have the opportunity to revise and submit your conference papers to one of the IABD affiliated journals for publication consideration.  All journals associated with IABD are indexed in Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities. 
  6. Full paper submissions will be eligible for the Conference’s Best Paper Award.  The Best Paper will be invited to be published in one of the IABD affiliated journals. 
  7. You will have the opportunity to develop strong mentoring, professional, and personal relationships. 
  8. You can choose to take advantage of professional service and leadership opportunities as you become more involved in a collegial organization that genuinely values your scholarship and professional participation. 

About Us

From the President


It is with great pride that I take this opportunity to introduce you to our beloved academic organization, the International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD).  

In 1987, IABD was formed on the foundation of three major principles: To create a friendly academic conference setting where people can come to present and discuss ideas, network, and share knowledge in an atmosphere of mutual trust and consideration; To facilitate a multidisciplinary environment where discussions are generated across business-related fields and social disciplines by both scholars and practitioners;

To promote a true international experience where all cultures, ethnicities, viewpoints, values, and beliefs are welcome and respected.

It is our sincere hope that you attend our conference, meet and network with other attendees, enjoy all the activities that the host location has to offer, and continue to participate and possibly play a role in the exciting future of IABD.

In closing, I look forward to meeting you, introducing you to our members, and personally making sure that your experience with IABD is a memorable one. On behalf of the entire IABD organization … Welcome!!

From the Board


From a Board Member

I have been attending IABD each year since the beginning. 

An important factor that distinguishes IABD from other conferences is the relaxed laid-back atmosphere of the sessions and social gatherings. 

Specifically, the discussants and audience do not attack the merits of the paper presentation; instead offering constructive comments and asking inquisitive questions. 

Further, the IABD leadership strive to keep down costs in all the expenses associated with conference attendance to give good value for your money. 

Our conference always offers a wide variety of sessions across business disciplines. If you need help in choosing a track to present your research, just ask. 

I look forward to seeing you in the future. 

From a member


 Having predominately attended the “mega-conferences”, I was pleasantly surprised when I first attended IABD to find a group of scholars who not only focused on advancement of academic research but also the development of young professionals (such as myself) and the simple joy of fellowship with others within our field.  Not only was I able to make the program without having submitted a ready-for-print “A” journal article but I was also able to gain true constructive feedback from those in attendance who had the knowledge and experience to make my research better.  Because IABD does not focus on job placement, those in attendance were more-less settled in their careers and therefore were there to truly engage in academic exchange rather than the stressful networking for survival. 


Paul A. Fadil



University of North Florida



Cindi T. Smatt


 Program Chair

University of North Georgia


 (850) 321-9244

Margaret A. Goralski


VP of Publications 

Quinnipiac University 


Kaye McKinzie


VP of Technology

University of Central Arkansas


Reza Eftekharzadeh


VP of Admin and Finance

St. John's University  


J. Gregory Payne


VP of Advancement

Emerson College


Louis K. Falk


VP of Communication & Historian

University Texas Rio Grande Valley 


Andres Gallo


Director of Conference Promotion

University of North Florida


Board of Directors

Ahmad Tootoonchi

 Frostburg State University 

Ali Kanso

 University of Texas at San Antonio 

Abbas J. Ali

 Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

Felix Abeson

 Coppin State University 

Robert Camp

 Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

Brian Larson

 Widener University 

Raymond A. Cox

 Thompson Rivers University 

Paloma Bernal Turnes

 Universidad Rey Juan Carlos 

Hooshang M. Beheshti

 Radford University 

Enric Oredix-Rigo

 Ramon Llull University 

Louis K. Falk

 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 

Gregory Payne

Emerson Collge

Past Presidents

Ahmad Tootoonchi, 2008-2012, Frostburg State University

J. Gregory Payne, 2006-2007, Emerson College

David L. McKee, 2004-2005, Kent State University

Phillip W. Balsmeier, 2002-2005, Nicholls State University

Raymond A.K. Cox, 2000-2001, Central Michigan University

Richard A. Nelson, 1989-1999, Louisiana State University

Hooshang M. Beheshti , 1996-1997, Radford University

Elton A. Devine, 1995, Eastern Michigan University

Joseph Horton, 1994, Universiyy of Central Arkansas

Mary Thibodeaux, 1993, University of North Texas

Robert C. Camp, 1992, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Frank Mastrianna, 1991, Slippery Rock University


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